Friday, November 9, 2007

Lights, Camera, Action!!!

My actual photo shoot was fixed on Oct 24th but because of my foot injury I had to postphone it to Nov 2nd. Despite the fact, my foot is still on bandage. So I have to do without my high heels and all the action....

Appointment was @ 10 am. Surprising my ah lao woke up early probably cos he slept early the night before. We were ready to set off at ard 830am.
First stop is to full up our tummies...cos we wont have the chance to eat lunch till late.

We went to Yio Chu Kang for bf... I had a very satisfying bf...and my cup of "wake up" essence = KOPI!! that almost woke me up.
After bf...we proceed with our journey to the east.

Surprising traffic was quite smooth and we managed to reach the bridal shop around 945am. The make up artist had not arrived yet. So we waited inside the shop.

Ard 1015am , the make up artist, Irene arrived. We proceed to nxt door where the studio is.
The studio was a small room, with a small area as changing room and a mirror and some chairs for makeup and rest.

Irene first do up my makeup , as usual ,my single eyelids need some time to work on.
By the time I finished my first outfit and makeup , it was around 1120am.
Now is ah lao's turn. He's was simple, tidy up his brows , some foundation , lipgloss..and we are all set to go.

Sam, our photographer arrived ard 1145am. He took some time to set up ... we were deciding how to start the shoot because of my injured foot and I was wearing a short dress.
He had to take without my legs.

Surprising I didnt really need warm up to smile sweetly... perhaps its cos I had some experience when I had the makeover shoot in april. I was ready to smile and pose without difficulty. ;)

The first out fit was done very fast. So on to the next, a black one... I like the hairdo that Irene set for me...very stylo leh...hee...

Subsequent are quite fast.. time to go for outdoor shoot.
Cos of my foot, there are alot of things that I cannot we gotta find some old buildings or gates etc..
we stopped by bras basah rd and found some old walls and gates...

Its q embrassed to stand in the middle of the road in ur gown and tak photos. Some cars pass by will slow down and see what we are doing ..haha..

We took a few photos there and then proceed to Fort Canning.
Took some nice photos the photographer asked ah lao to do some stunts..
haha..running to catch the flowers that I threw at him..
we run towards each other into his arms lar...
I tik he must be cursing and swearing @ me...for making him run so many times to catch the flowers...haha... who cares! the time we finished this..almost time to go liao..cos it started drizzling...
so end of photoshoot..actually its not as tiring as I imagine it to be...:)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Jap Restaurant @ Mohd Sultan

There is a newly opened Jap rest located @ UE Sq along the once happening Mohd Sultan Rd.
It has been a long long time since I went to that area.
During my 'young' days , I used to party there...Da Jie, Newsroom Bar..etc... The once happening stretch of pubs and discos is now quiet.

However, now what is happening there is not pubs but restaurants. Authentic Japanese , Korean, Italian, French restaurants where you can enjoy your quiet little dinner by the river.

We were actually having a gathering dinner with one of our ex-GE colleagues.
As usual, our F&B manager is always full of ideas to all the different and hard to find places in Singapore. But the places that he brings us is always good and delicious.

We did not order any main dishes..only some appetisers to accompany our drinks..
This is the first time I drank Choya. Its very nice...sweet and deadly...cos its so sweet and nice to drink that you don't know when to stop!
Easy to get a girl drunk on this...hee..

Okie..back to food... Sashimi is something not to be missing when you go to a jap rest.
The sashimi here is bagus! Fish is very fresh.
I already indicated that no "Spare" parts for our food...and guess what...I did not specify what kind of spare parts that I don't our dear Yaw ordered something extraordinary as usual...

1) Look at this white hard looking thingy...can you guess what is this?
I bet you can't..not even when u put it in your mouth.
Its crunchy and tasteless...still dunno? They are chicken bones! Yucks..imagine chewing bones..
I feel like Rex now... ;p

2) This is the last thing that I would imagine i would ate...the 2nd thing that I was conned to eat after the chicken heart @ the yakitori rest @ Far East Plaza.
Looks like normal beef right... its Cow's TONGUE!!!
But frankly speaking...its q delicious...tender and chewy..of course are chewing on some one's tongue!!!

The rest of the food are q normal and digestible...
mini prawns, tofu with salted fish and this is the most normal thing..that was ordered by Ah Huang... Chicken Balls with egg yolk...

Although not alot..but we had our fill eating and drinking...
Another makan trip accomplished! :)

My first attempt to make Tiramisu

This is my first time trying out Tiramisu... Actually this is a very easy recipe cos no baking is required.. I have not tried this till now is because it is not easy to find the main ingredient....Lady Fingers. Hey...this finger is not the finger that you are thinking abt... Its a kind of rectangular form..with sugar coating on top.. Not all supermarkets carry have to really search for it. The rest of the ingredients are quite easy, whipping cream, liquor, coca powder, mascaporne cheese...

First, make the coffee for soaking the lady fingers. I was afraid that the biscuits would be over soaked and become too only brushed a little with the coffee. Because of Tiramisu did not have the coffee was not soaked thoroughly.. that is #1 mistake..
Nxt, I think the liquor is not strong enough...should have added more.. The rest of the ingredients is to mix the whipping cream & cheese... look at the remains of the cheese mixture.

The fun part is the layering ...bottom layer biscuit followed by cheese mixture followed by cocoa powder. Then repeat the same process. Finally, put it in the fridge to cool... Here is the finished product...looks nice on the outside..but when I cut it, its too dry.. the biscuits were not wet with coffee & liqueur. I think not enough cocoa powder too.. sighhh...nevermind...first try is always testing... I will try it again the nxt time!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I was looking through my backup files for some documents and I came upon some old photos of my doggy Rex.

He was soooo cute when he was a puppy...Cannot imagine he is 2 years and 7 mths old!!
Time passes so fast...I can still imagine when he used to pee and poo around the kitchen.
I was so mad having to clean up his mess.
Then also when we came home from work, he will always bite the newspapers that we lay on the cage for him.

I was so angry that I wacked him!! Can you imagine coming home after a long day's work and you saw your kitchen in a complete mess?!! The best part was, after repeat scoldings and wacking on the butt, he still don't get the message. I totally gave up!!
That time, I dreaded when my hubby was working night shift..cos it meant that I will be the one clearing up the shit. haha...

As time passes, he is better. Then the nxt thing he did was to run into my kitchen toilet and tear up my toilet roll and bite my brushes! So we have to make sure that we close the door tightly.
He is really a smart little guy to be able to figure out how to push open the toilet door.

The next thing the smart alec did was to open his cage door. Normally when he did something wrong or noti, we will lock him in the cage. Guess wat, dunno when he learned how to open his cage! I was surprised when he managed to get out when I locked him in. I monitored his actions.
He hit on the ledge to the cage door with his paw and after repeated tries, he managed to open it!! Amazing right?!
haha...I really have to give in and kow tow to him man!

Now, this little puppy is no longer a puppy that I can hold with one arm.
But still..he is a little cute guy...I like him better now cos he is not as noti as b4 .

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

All because of $$$$

Money can buy you a lot of things but it can also harm you.
Families are split because fighting over money. Mother and son can severe all ties, brothers and sisters can quarrel and husband & wife can divorce over money woes too....

Advice given by marriage councellors are true, couples should really do family planning and money planning. Any party in trouble should share the trouble out.
Not wait till something big explodes then it will be too late to salvage.

Even though all is done...but there will still be a shadow lingering over...
Depressing... always the one to give in and taken for granted. Does anyone really appreciate what I do???

Friday, August 3, 2007

An Affair to Malacca

5 July.... I arranged a secret rendezvous to Malacca...
On the surface its an official business trip but.................................. it was in fact a rendezvous with 2 of my darlings, Win & Ju....
You must be daring ah...go on rendezvous and further more with 2 leh!
How to cope rite?

Hiak hiak.... Don't you know I am the super Maria? Multi-task is what I am BEST at!

So what did we do? was hot even though it rained on the way to Malacca.

My official business took only 30 min..and I'm rendezvous began!! so happy!!!
Our first stop.... Jonka Street.... Meet up with Mr Assam Laksa and Ms Chendol..
Wah....Ms Chendol's Gula Melaka was sooooooo fragrant and SEDAP! never have i seen the gula melaka so thick... its like gravy man!

After the "meeting".. the 3 of us strolled along the street...
I really like quaint shop houses ...its like the olden Chinatown in Singapore.
road is very narrow...and shop houses are so old....I don't think you can find any of these in

Enough of walking..the weather was killing HOT!!

so we decided to retreat back to the hotel and air con! took a nap...
cos we had another round in the evening... Mdm Perankan.

heehee...guess wat we had w
hen we went to Mdm Perankan?
Look at it... we ordered I think 6 or 7 dishes, one soup and ONE Plate of rice.. that plate is to be shared among the 3 of
but we still managed to finish the dishes...
all of them were very yummy... the assam fish , mango salad...chye poh egg omelette , etc.

Wah seh... by the nite tummy abt the burst liao..
even the walk back to the hotel did not help..
I guess that is the punishment of being too greedy.... :(
Nevertheless, I am not upset abt it... This is my long awaited trip..
since Win & Ju have been yak yaking abt Malacca all these while..

The only disappointment is that i didnt manage to go to the fruit farm and eat my durians! :(

Never mind, there is still a nxt trip..haha...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Penang Redenvours

On 7th June, I set out to a long waited journey to the food of paradise.... PENANG!!

I have been hearing all sorts of who-ha on all the yummy food in Penang and Ipoh.. At last..I can make a trip down there and eat till my stomach burst. heehee...
The glutton in me at work again... ;p

Well, this is supposed to be a eating cum biz trip as I was supposed to be there for equipment inspection. comes the itinerary...

Day 1 - Woke up @ 445am to get ready to go to the airport. Damn sleepy siah...I was yawning and yawning away...cannot cannot...must wake up!! This is the beginning of my Journey to the Makan!
Airport was quite crowded, I guess shld be cos its sch lots of ppl travelling..
Anyway, I got through the customs and stuff..time to board the plane..
I was so stomach was growling along the flight. Some light snack was served but I decided to save my stomach for the Penang Char Kway Teow! Kekeke...

So when we arrive @ the Penang G Hotel... this is very near to the famous Gurney Drive...just beside it there is one hawker center. The rooms were not ready yet so we went to settle our lunch..We went to the shopping mall beside our hotel to settle for the food court.
Time is 11am and the food court is not ready yet~
Can u imagine..Sgp's foodcourt starts operations @ 10am.
Anyway, the food there is nice..I ate my first plate of Char Kway Teow...
Take note.."First " plate hor..

Heehee..Okay....filled my is time to work..
We had arrangements to have dinner with one of the ex-collegs..whom coincidence is my ex-boss.

He brought to the local local hawker center. Just imagine the 70s or 80s singapore hawker centers by the roadside...
First course....Lok Lok...yum..the practice is you eat and move we had some sticks of lok lok..then moved on to the Main course of the nite... Char Kway Teow, Wanton Mee, Stingray & Cheng Teng...
All are Yummy!!
Then we tabaoed some nonya kuehs back.. I was so full but when I saw the nonya kuehs..i cannot resist my temptation... ;pp

Morning breakfast..we went for Bak Ku Teh.. Imagine so early morning eat BKT.. but it was nice..different flavour from Sgp and KL.. Look at the pictures..I really couldnt eat..but die die have to try abit...

After gorging myself silly from last nite...I went for a kill off my guilt last nite and prepare myself for the Penang Laksa as promised by SJ... hiak hiak..

Our last stop..b4 heading off to the airport is Penang Laksa!!
It was nice...sour and small portion with lots of vege!! My boss loved it sooooo much..
but not SJ..cos he is a meat person..
we had Penang Rojak too..but it was so so...What I like is the "Hay Kor" It is sooo thick..
not like here where they add assam...there is the original..right out from the jar..

Wait wait....still got the Highlight of the trip....DURIAN!!!
Wah seh!! this is the best I have eaten....
Sitting under the tree and eating fresh durians...

Okie...Here is the end of my makan trip... Its a short but very satisfying trip..
Still got more stuff which i have not covered...waiting for me the nxt round.. :-)